February 19, 2018


Some of the work we’ve done locally in south Florida is described below ….

City of Naples, Florida

Energy Savings Action Plan and Green Business Certification Program

Twentyfifty won a competitive bid process to create and implement a campaign to reduce energy use in the residential and business communities of Naples, Florida. The award, part of the 2009 Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program, was intended to provide educational resources and incentives to homeowners and businesses to cut emissions and resource use. We developed a comprehensive website and marketing campaign, delivered presentations and seminars to homeowners and interest groups and designed, developed and implemented a Green Business Certification program. Over the year-long grant program we certified 25 businesses and documented thousands of dollars in utility savings.

Lee County, Florida

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories for 2007 and 2010

Working with the Office of Sustainability, Twentyfifty helped Lee County pursue sustainability objectives by providing a quantitative understanding of energy use and emissions from the community and government sectors. Inventories were carried out using ICLEI-USA’s Local Government Operations Protocol; identifying and quantifying the carbon footprint from residential, waste, transportation, commercial and government sectors of the community. Following completion of a baseline inventory for calendar year 2007 which included establishing recommended reduction targets, we were re-contracted in 2012 to assess progress. Our work showed a 14% reduction in emissions and identified programs and potential policies to continue efficient growth and smart resource use.

City of Naples, Florida

Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Energy Savings Action Plan

In spring 2008, Twentyfifty completed a Greenhouse Gas Inventory for the City of Naples using the ICLEI protocol. The inventory showed that the transportation and business sectors were contributing the greatest share of GHG emissions (from the whole community) at 52% and 28% respectively. For the government analysis, water and waste water operations contributed 63% of total emissions. Following presentation of the results to City Council, staff were directed to take the next step and formulate a plan to reduce energy use and emissions, starting with City government. The resultant plan, the City of Naples Energy Savings Plan, described a series of measures to conserve resources and reduce utility bills and GHG emissions. A key component of the plan is the involvement of all City employees. Through increased awareness and behavior modifications the City has already saved money on electric bills and is poised to take the next step and expand the plan to the entire community.

City of Sarasota, Florida

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

The City of Sarasota is a leading community in terms of sustainability efforts but staff were unable to quantify the success of their endeavors without analysis of emissions and the reduction potential of new projects. Twentyfifty completed an inventory for the City (January, 2009) using the ICLEI protocol, for the government and community sectors. Two years of data (2003 and 2007) were assessed to enable better understanding of trends to focus continued efforts. Emissions were also projected to establish a reduction target. The City used the data presented to select and quantify the reductions proposed through their Department of Energy project applications.

Pelican Bay Foundation, Naples, Florida

Sustainability Plan and Greenhouse Gas Inventory

A private homeowners association in North Naples, the Pelican Bay Foundation represents 15,000 residents of this coastal residential community. In a resident survey, interest was expressed in pursuing more sustainability efforts and the Foundation contracted Twentyfifty to outline how that might happen. An inventory and sustainability plan was prepared to introduce resource reduction efforts into Foundation activities, and quantify emission reductions. In addition, a series of articles on sustainability and steps residents could take in their own homes was prepared and published in the Pelican Bay Post.

Collier County, Florida

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Twentyfifty has completed an inventory for Collier County using the revised ICLEI Local Government Operations Protocol and Clean Air and Climate Protection software. The work includes a projection of emissions through 2050 and detailed assessment of the efficacy of Department of Energy project proposals. Recommendations for additional GHG reduction projects and programs are presented.

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida, Naples, Florida

A carbon footprint calculator was devised for this non-profit environmental organization, to allow easy tracking of emissions over time. With a baseline inventory complete, The Conservancy will be able to maintain its demonstrated commitment to preserving the environment for present and future generations.