February 19, 2018

An inventory for Lee County, Florida

Lee County, GHG inventory

I recently presented the results of a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory for Lee County, Florida  to Lee’s Community Sustainability Advisory Committee. Sustainability efforts are moving apace at Lee County, headed by the wonderful Tessa LeSage. Tessa is developing a Sustainability Strategy for the municipality along with many other green initiatives.

The inventory, for calendar year 2007, was one of a number of projects carried out using funds from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant. It provided a baseline number for GHG emissions from which progress in reductions can be measured.

In common with many municipalities in Florida, we found that transportation is the most emissions intensive sector at 47% of community-wide GHGs. Energy used in commercial establishments created 25% of the emissions and in private homes; a further 27%.

A more detailed analysis of the facilities owned and services provided by Lee County government highlighted the energetic cost of water at 15% of government emissions. The flat terrain of southwest Florida makes it expensive to pump all that water around – another reason to conserve every drop! We were also reminded us that waste reduction is good for the environment – less waste going to landfill or incineration means less methane and other greenhouse gases to warm up the planet. Are you recycling? Check out this recent post on plastics in America.

You can find out more about Lee County’s Sustainability efforts here. Hats off to all on a great start!